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What it is that consumers are looking for when they choose clean beauty brands and products ?

everything-you-need-to-know - 20/07/2021


Clean beauty is an ever-growing segment of the beauty industry and has evolved a lot since it first appeared many years ago. It has definitely become mainstream now and ahead of the Clean Beauty in London event that will take place on October 12th & 13th 2021, it is important to go back to what is essential and ask ourselves what it is that consumers are looking for when they choose clean beauty brands and products ?



We live in an era where information is available to all online. It is easy to educate oneself on any chosen topic and to learn about very precise subjects like ingredients, their origins, their effect on the body and so on. As a result, many consumers are becoming experts and can decode INCI lists like professionals. They are no longer only appealed by marketing strategies, branding and communication. They research about brands and make sure the promises made are backed up by potent, safe for their skin ingredients. This interest can be seen in the rise in popularity of YouTube channels making videos to review beauty products. You can now find countless accounts of influencers, women and men alike, detailing products from packaging to texture, smell, application and results. So for brands, being clean is not enough anymore to gain consumers attention, they have an increasing pressure to perform. Being transparent and as true as they possibly can is in their best interest.



When it comes to clean beauty, if what is inside the bottle matters, what is outside matters too, sometimes even more. It is now expected on a deeper level for brands to show what they stand for. Whether it be on diversity, sustainability, animal protection or any other form of engagement that goes beyond the brand itself. What is important is to be involved and to show consumers that making clean beauty products is also a way to contribute to the wellbeing of people and the planet all together. Young consumers are considered an activist generation and now brands are expected to make a difference for the better, even more so when they are clean beauty brands. Many great initiatives are being born like, for instance, recycled products for sustainability, melanin-rich skin care lines for diversity or filter-free beauty ad campaigns for body-positivity.



With all fairly ‘new’ movement who become mainstream, like clean beauty has, there is an adaptation phase. A few years ago, clean beauty was associated exclusively with natural ingredients, making chemical ones look like the bad guys. Nowadays, consumers understand that not all natural ingredients are good for the skin, they can sometimes irritate the skin or have no real benefit. Likewise, chemicals are not all bad, they are necessary for many reasons like stabilizing formulas, increasing product potency or its texture. As long as they are not harmful to the body or the environment they are now accepted. What matters most for consumers is to maintain a good balance between results and respect (of their health and the planet’s).


It is an exciting time for clean beauty as more people on the planet are looking towards it and while brands are facing many challenges to be transparent, have good ethics and deliver effective goods, they will surely come up with exciting new concepts and products aligned its consumers expectations.



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