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Consciously Crafted

everything-you-need-to-know - Non classé - 30/07/2021

The natural beauty movement has moved from a superficial focus on “clean” to embrace a more conscious mindset, as consumers become more aware of what they purchase, how products are made, and the overall environmental impact of their beauty routines. There’s a return to raw, natural, and artisanal products, as we seek slower living and a connection to the Earth. Not only do consumers want to learn about the origins of their products, they also want to be a part of the creation process.

Mother Nature becomes the ultimate collaborator, as we see a rise in source materials like stone, linen, and sea sponges that are safe for humans and also honor the Earth. Stone emerges within the beauty space, as it naturally exfoliates, leading to products like Nature of Things’ Face Stones, which are crafted entirely from French White Clay to promote healthy skin regeneration, even tone, and balanced oil production. Traditional techniques for creating materials also gain in popularity, with brands like Esker Beauty who created their Linen Loofah, which is hand knitted by Turkish artisans and is made from 100% natural linen threads that are spun five times for strength and durability.

In addition, consumers want to learn more about where and how their products are created, and to understand product origins through an intimate relationship with source ingredients, which allows consumers to fully experience nature’s sacred energy and healing gifts. Traditional grains like millet are trending, previewing a return to wholesome, slower living and time-honored food, wellness, and beauty ingredients, seen in options like Susanne Kauffman’s Firming Oil, which uses millet seed oil for a deeply moisturizing body care ritual.

Natural beauty also continues to be important, as we look to radiate with a soft, illuminating glow. Products like Fenty Beauty’s Body Lava, Glossier’s Solar Paint, or Kindred Black’s Stardust Supernova all evoke the raw force of light and heat, with formulas that illuminate while being dually beneficial for the Earth and our skin.

By: Melissa Hago, VP & Creative Director of Beauty and Wellness at Fashion Snoops & Mallory Huron, Beauty and Wellness Strategist at Fashion Snoops