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Local is beautiful

everything-you-need-to-know - 29/09/2021

Local is beautiful

Since the 2020 health crisis, consumers have increased their expectations and now demand more transparency and traceability for the products they purchase. They want to know how and where they are made and see local production with a favorable eye. Because of successive lockdown and movement restrictions, many people had to reconnect with local businesses and what was at first it seen as a constraint, soon became a positive show of solidarity and resilience.

In the clean beauty industry, local is also seen as a positive force for change. Whether it is by sourcing local ingredients or local packaging, many brands choose to take advantage of their ecological and economical surroundings to create new processes and products having positive ricochet outcomes.


Farm to face

Working with local ingredients can be a great source of inspiration and give brands a direction and purpose. Some companies even have their own lands where they grow their own ingredients to show how much they care about the integrity and transparency of the product they make. Bottega Organica, an Italian skincare brand, uses ingredients harvested and processed from their farms in Italy – straight from farm to bottle. Others, focus on searching and working with regional farms, like US brand Farmacy which is formulated around a rare green flowered plant, “echinacea”. The brand grows and cultivates all of their ingredients in Upstate New York and bases a lot of their formulas around the same “echinacea” extracts that they started with, reinforcing the brand’s identity and uniqueness.


Social and economical impact

Local sourcing can also be a way for brands to participate in the social and economical development of their surroundings. Employing the local workforce, helping small producers or old families keep their businesses alive and influencing the way our society works on a deeper level, is what brands do when selecting their supplier according to diversity, gender-equality or fairness principles. Owndo, a south korean skincare line, focuses on local sourcing for a specific ingredient : Gujeolcho (a flower from the chrysanthemum family) that can be found in the village of Suman in Zenra-nan Prefecture. Suman being mainly populated by elderly (the youngest inhabitant being 65 years old), Gujeolcho’s fields were declining and so was the sightseeing tourism for the flowers in full bloom. Not only does Owndo harvest all its needs from Suman now, but it also plans to revive the village’s region and traditions.


Upcycling local waste

Local sourcing can also be about turning existing waste into new products or packaging. Many brands now offer to upcycle food waste, collecting coffee grounds from cafes, discarded apricot stones, leftover argan shells or other foods that might otherwise get trashed after using. French skincare brand Pulpe de Vie locally sources ingredients among ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables, that would be unfit for sale, from small-scale producers in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region of France. The same goes for packaging. Brands look within local waste to give a second life to previously unrecyclable plastics, but also to reduce the need for fossil fuels to create virgin plastic and help keep plastic out of landfill or incineration

Clean beauty is focused on creating products that are better for the skin but also positive for the environment. Local sourcing is a great way to achieve the latest as it aims to reduce carbon footprint, revive the socio-economic fabric and create win-win synergies between communities and businesses.

Monia MERABET, founder of WeOutWow


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