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BYO Water

everything-you-need-to-know - 08/12/2021

BYO (for Bring Your Own) Water is a growing category in the beauty industry and it refers to products designed so that you can add water at home, when you need it. From powder shampoos to toothpaste tablets, you can now find many brands on the market developing and packaging products in dry format, especially among the Clean Beauty sector.


Sustainability first

The obvious reason behind BYO Water beauty products is in line with growing sustainability concerns in the industry. In the US only, the bottles, tubes, and containers used annually by the cosmetic industry adds up to 120 billion units of plastics packaging and of these 120 billion used each year, 70% ends up in landfills (source : Statista). Offering only active ingredients reduce the size of the product and can help eliminate unnecessary packaging, create less waste and it can also reduce transport emissions.


Fun factor

Consumers have been experimenting a lot with DIY during lockdown periods and don’t mind having to do a bit of extra work before using a product. On the contrary, they want to take ownership of their routine and that includes deciding what amount of water they want to add to get the perfect consistency for their skin or hair. Lina Hanson’s Global Face Trio is a 3-in-1 powder and depending on the amount of water you add, can be a cleanser, an exfoliator or a mask. Consumers can also experiment with other filler than water, like honey, yoghurt or oil.


Ingredient potency

About 70% of your standard skincare product is made of water, essentially as a filler, so the actual ingredients supposed to treat and enhance your skin represent less than a third of the bottle. When a brand decides to remove water, the remaining formula is mainly made of active ingredients. Not only that, but some ingredients, like Vitamin C, get a longer life span and potency when they are activated with water just before use. That is what Holifrog Sunapee Sacred-C Brightening Powder Wash, a water-activated highly-concentrated brightening powder cleanser, is based on.


The BYO Water category has a lot to bring to the beauty industry and is yet to expand to other skincare products (like serums, moisturizers, eye care,…). It can  also bring a deeper reflection on packaging used for these products. Some brands already offer solutions with starter kits made of glass bottles or jars, like Forgo. And as these reusable packaging will be in our bathroom for a while, their design will surely have an impact on the purchase decisions.


Monia MERABET, founder of WeOutWow



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