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Discovering Natural Cosmetics Holland

everything-you-need-to-know - 04/01/2022

If you can make a very good product natural, why wouldn’t you? 

Natural Cosmetics Holland focuses on bringing more natural to cosmetics products

 Mark Maas, Co-owner and Business Development Manager of Natural Cosmetics Holland, wasn’t a beauty product manufacturer from the beginning. In fact, he converted to clean beauty as a user and as a manufacturer at the same time. Realising the full benefits of using clean ingredients in beauty and care products, he worked on developing natural deodorants that NC Holland is now known for. He’s looking forward to meeting likeminded clean beauty industry colleagues atthe exhibition in London. 

What are you bringing to Clean Beauty in London? 

When we heard about Clean Beauty, we thought – this looks like it’s written for our company, says Mark. Natural Cosmetics is all about producing cosmetics with 100% natural ingredients, using solar power for energy and even packaging products in all recyclable materials. 

The opportunity to meet others who care as much about nature and the environment as they do, and to network and exchange views and information, is a great one after two years with so much uncertainty and so little face-to-face interaction with clients or colleagues. It will be a great way to showcase how Natural Cosmetics work, what they do and what makes their products unique in the world of clean beauty.  

What is the direction your company is taking when it comes to clean beauty? 

Natural Cosmetics does exactly what the name suggests: producing cosmetics, skin care and beauty products all naturally. This means no water is used in the manufacturing process, the sun is the direct source of energy for the factory and all packaging is from recycled materials.  

Now more than ever, people have become more aware of the impact that the products they use have on the environment. There’s an enhanced interest in clean beauty, but also a need to educate the public about what goes into what they use.    

What are some fun innovations you’re working on at the moment?  

Natural Cosmetics specialise in natural deodorants and are developing their range further, as well as sun care products in the form of sticks in carton packaging. They’re currently working on expanding the sun care range from SPF 30 to SPF 50 – with the latter packaged in a jar. 

Always looking to develop new products, Natural Cosmetics are also looking at launching a cleansing balm, a face balm, and a body butter, as well as a natural shampoo that aims to be made 100% naturally (whereas most shampoos on the market are at most 70% natural). 

 Mark and his team are excited to meet the rest of the clean beauty community at the upcoming London event and will be showcasing their product innovations and manufacturing processes there.  

Interviewee: Mark Maas, Co-owner and Business Development Manager, Natural Cosmetics Holland 

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