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Revealing the Croda Group

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Alone we go quicker but together we go further 

The Croda Group work to improve transparency, traceability and sustainability in the beauty and personal care industry 


Pascaline Criton, Marketing Communications Manager, Sederma , Croda Group

The Croda Group are pioneers in entrepreneurship and sustainability in the beauty and personal care industry. Through Crodarom and Alban Muller (the botanical experts of the group), Sederma (unique bioactive ingredients), and Croda chassis (sun protection ingredients and pigments), they push the envelope in creating cosmetics with a purpose and innovating to find the best ways to respond to consumers’ and the planet’s requirements. We caught up with Pascaline Criton, Marketing Communications Manager at Sederma. 


What is the direction your company is taking regarding sustainability and clean beauty? 


Having ambitions to become climate, land and people positive by 2030, the Croda Group are continuously innovating when it comes to sustainability. They are working on different big projects related to decarbonisation, reducing their carbon footprint within their sites, with an ultimate purpose of reducing the impact of all their activities. 

Within this general framework, Croda are working on improving ethical sourcing, with Sederma being part of the Union for Ethical BioTrade and focusing on local sourcing through win-win partnerships with producers in the case of Crodarom and Alban Muller. 


What are some interesting innovations you’re currently working on across your brands? 


Croda are bringing a lot of improvements and new ingredients to Clean Beauty in London. This will include vegan, waterless and low-impact products, aiming for reduced impact through the manufacturing process.  

Moreover, Sederma’s portfolio of products focuses on biotechnologies, like plant cell culture, bio-fermentation, and CO2 extraction.  

Currently, Crodarom and Alban Muller are experts in botanicals and their priorities are upcycling and local sourcing. At the same time, Sederma are developing new green technologies for their manufacturing activities.  


Why are you coming to Clean Beauty in London and what do you hope to achieve at the show? 


Croda are really excited to be able to meet and exchange with their peers at the upcoming Clean Beauty in London event. This gives us a chance to be part of the clean beauty and sustainable planet movement, Pascaline explains. For a company with as much investment and research into all types of sustainable technologies, creating synergies with others is paramount to going further. 

Given the recent rise of many independent companies in the sustainability and well-being industries, Croda are also looking forward to getting to know them and to presenting their offer to them. This opens up new avenues of communicating with consumers, taking advantage of the “indies”’ social media presence and of their connection with the market.  

All in all, collaborating with like-minded manufacturers and key actors of production, packaging and distribution is essential to being able to advance the cause of sustainable clean beauty. As Pascaline puts it, alone we go quicker but together we go further… and longer. 


Interviewee: Pascaline Criton, Marketing Communications Manager, Sederma  


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