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Enlightening DTS Europe

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Mono-material, environmentally-friendly products contributing to the circular economy 

How DTS Europe is pioneering mono-material airless systems for clean beauty  


Flavio Unikowsky, International Business Manager, DTS Europe

As Flavio Unikowsky, International Business Manager at DTS Europe, tells us, to create an environmentally-friendly product from many 

separate parts is simple – to make a simple, mono-material one is the challenge.

DTS Europe patented mono-material airless systems made 100% with conventional polyethylene or sugar cane polyethylene. Without needing to disassemble them for recycling, and ensuring great formula protection, their products are an essential pillar of the clean beauty industry. Moreover, mono-material systems by DTS Europe have been part of their DNA for the past 5 years, ensuring a deliberate contribution to the circular economy with the ultimate aim of providing top-quality PCR. 


What is the approach your company is taking to sustainability and clean beauty? 

 Sustainability in the company’s DNA, producing a wide range of mono-material products for the clean beauty industry. DTS Europe specialise in sustainability and formula protection, as pioneers in producing mono-material airless systems. Clean beauty is at the core of their beliefs and passions, and creating packaging that supports it is part of that. 

Through the different systems produced by DTS Europe, manufacturers can respond to the challenge of creating and protecting highly specialised, volatile formulas. The packaging is recyclable and contributes to the circular economy, allowing for the whole product to be recycled without taking it apart or having to separate into different recyclable materials. This further helps consumers be more environmentally-friendly themselves, making it easy for them to recycle the products they use.  

Finally, DTS are a vertically integrated company, producing all their packaging in-house with no dependence on third parties. This makes them more flexible and efficient.   


Can you share some fun innovations you are working on? 


DTS noticed the trend of using PCR resin in the market and wanted to create something different. We believe that, to achieve a good PCR, we first had to achieve a mono-material item, explains Flavio Unikowsky. This would facilitate recycling of the packaging after use. This is how DTS created packaging made from a single resin (polyethylene) in airless systems. Nowadays, they’ve created a system that works with microencapsulated formula, where they can pass through the pump without breaking before touching the skin. This is a great innovation to support natural, very delicate formulas.  

This type of innovation is also useful for high SPF formulas, which can go through without clogging the system.  

Finally, the Sage airless system, now also mono-material, has been created for very low viscosity formulas (e.g. water based formulas).  


What do you expect from participating in the Clean Beauty in London trade show? 


DTS are fully looking forward to meeting their colleagues in the industry and – in general – people who share similar values around sustainability. They are particularly excited to meet formulators, as packaging systems need people who work with the formulas to understand and explain onwards how these products contribute to their own. Moreover, the collaboration of formula and packaging manufacturers is a great way to ensure both sides of the clean beauty industry are getting the best from each other. 

Clean Beauty in London should be an amazing, mutually beneficial reunion for the sector – and DTS are looking forward to it very much.  


Interviewee: Flavio Unikowsky, International Business Manager 


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