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Clean beauty goes beyond topical products

Non classé - 16/02/2022

When we think about clean beauty, what first comes to mind are topical products, which means products intended for use only on the skin, not crossing the blood barrier, and that are not meant to be ingested. Typically, face or body lotions, creams, serums, makeup and so on. However, the clean beauty movement becoming every day a little more holistic (see the article called Deeper Than Skin), accessories, wellness practices and edible products are gaining a growing space in the market. Let’s see how and why clean beauty brands are expanding their business with items that are complementary to their main topical ranges.


Accessories to Enhance product potency


The way skincare is applied plays an important role in its efficacy. To make sure consumers rip the most benefits from their products, brands have developed lines of accessories to be used in synergy with their topical lines. From Gua Sha stones made of crystal to face balls that can be used as facial massage tools, from suction cups to ice globes that can help drain face lymph, all these accessories can be used in combination with serums or oils from the brands offering them or serve as a skin preparation to ensure products will be better received and absorbed by the skin.


Rituals to build routines


Rituals are a great way to create beauty routines and anchor the habit of using a cream or serum in a wellness practice. Finding relaxation and balance, creating a space for self-care and building ceremonials have become strong trends blurring the lines between wellness and beauty. Brands participate in creating these rituals. Some of them have created meditation videos that are sent to consumers after they purchase skincare and are to be used alongside the product, while others offer online face yoga or massage tutorials by beauty experts using the brands’ products.


Edible products to go full-circle


Because beauty also comes from the inside, a 360° approach is adopted by several clean beauty brands. These latter develop supplements in the form of caps, gummies or powders, that can boost skin barrier functions, protect against oxidative stress, boost radiance or reduce skin irritation. Contrary to ‘classic’ supplements, they target specific beauty concerns just like a topical product would. Another popular edible beauty product offered by brands is herbal tea. Based on herbal medicine, most of these products have depurative, antioxidant and soothing properties, to help eliminate toxins and keep the body balanced.


Complementary accessories and products to go along skincare lines are not something new but are undeniably a way for beauty brands to connect on a deeper level with consumers and to reach them beyond the mere product application and outside the bathroom, confirming that beauty and wellness are becoming more entwined than ever.


Monia MERABET, founder of WeOutWow

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