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Focus on DTS Europe

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Product Specifications

DTS Europe joins technology and sustainability in the development of its products with mono-material airless systems options to meet the high demand of eco-friendly and sustainable brands.

With 3 different types of technologies, made with only one resin, Polyethylene (PE), DTS products meet sustainable needs since many brands are launching more natural formulas with organic ingredients that require sustainable airless packaging solutions.



Sustainable features shared by the three technologies:

  • 100% PE Resin, that makes recycling easier
  • 100% recyclable
  • There is no need to disassemble to recycle
  • A mono-material packaging, that generates high quality PCR
  • After recycling, avoid being discarded in landfills and waste incinerators
  • Contributes to circular economy


Technologies and its particular features



A pump mono-material airless system solution that avoid oxidation and it is perfect for natural skincare formulas such as treatment lotions, creams, and formulas with vitamin active ingredients.

This concept was designed to protect and enhance your product through a rigid piston airless system and beautiful-looking container. Aquamarine allows microencapsulated formulas to be applied without breaking the microcapsules and without clogging the system with high SPF formulas.

UD Pump Airless System

Ideal for who are looking for a lightweight mono-material airless pump and who have challenging formulas that often contain high levels of mineral physical barriers, the UD Pump is the solution.

Preserving and enhancing the integrity of the formulas, this option allows microcapsules to break only after contact with skin.


SAGE® Airless System

SAGE® Airless System is the perfect solution for low density formulas that require flow control and an airless.

With no pump, it was designed with an internal one-way valve with flow control, blocking the air from returning into the tube. Easy to fill on the standard tube filling lines, the formulas are protected from oxidation, reducing the need of using preservatives.


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