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Sustainability: key element of Baralan’s strategy

everything-you-need-to-know - 21/03/2022

For Baralan, sustainability and sustainable development are, thus, concepts linked to an idea of circular economy that considers the quality of products, satisfying the needs between design and functionality, safeguarding and ensuring better conditions for products’ lifecycle. Sustainability is one of the key elements of Baralan’s strategy, who is commit

ted daily to respond to the growing desire of consumers to find products that meet their expectations with particular ethical and environmental needs and that reflect their values.
Innovation is the driver, the change, the strategic lever that guides the evolution and continuous improvement of Baralan’s processes and products as it has always pursued innovation, understanding and anticipating needs and requirements in order to create a solid relationship and mutual listening with its customers, as well as offering creative and effective solutions. Innovation for us is a unique combination of experience, tradition and progress, going beyond the ordinary, thinking outside the box and proposing original packaging, studied in every detail, fascinating to look at, while never forgetting about functionality, ergonomics and ease of use.


Therefore, in creating a product, it is important for Baralan to guarantee functionality and aesthetics but, at the same time, to innovate by offering increasingly green solutions. For this reason, essential aspects are the combination between the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse e Recycle) and the design of a packaging, with the end-life and disposal of the product: from the choice of reducing the use of components and materials for their realization to the possibility to reuse the materials deriving from industrial waste and from production processes to the ease of recycling the product.

Baralan’s core business has always been glass, universally considered to be eco-friendly as it can always be recycled. At the same time, Baralan’s commitment is constantly aimed at researching, studying, and selecting sustainable materials, embracing the advantages of using resources with a lower environmental impact that respect the conditions of recyclability. Moreover, in recent years, Baralan has also oriented itself towards the optimization of its packaging portfolio, implementing tangible actions such as enhancing reusability and recyclability of products, optimizing waste by promoting more effective solutions such as airless, prioritizing mono-material packaging and encouraging the adoption of alternative materials such as biopolymers along with the development of products made of PCR materials.

Moreover, Baralan lately introduced DEA — which stands for Developing the Evolution of Airless — a new series of products comprised of glass airless containers designed for numerous applications. Unlike other airless systems, DEA has no internal plastic container, making it the first airless system in which the filled product is directly in contact with its glass container. Thanks to Baralan’s dedicated teams of quality and research professionals, it has been possible to achieve such an innovation as DEA. The exploration of new solutions opens the path to new product line opportunities that provide an evolution of primary packaging and the airless system in general, to drive and shape the future of beauty.

Sustainability is one of the key elements of Baralan’s strategy that is committed to respond to the growing desire of consumers to find products that meet their expectations according to ethical and environmental needs, and that reflect their values. As usual, Baralan guarantees the highest quality in terms of design, functionality, safeguarding, but also commits to minimize products and processes’ footprint. Baralan’s choices have always been oriented towards constant research for the development of products with a lower environmental impact with business decisions made with full awareness and respect for social responsibility.

Baralan looks to the future of the cosmetics world, designing and implementing a strategy based on the value of integrity understood as a key and essential principle both for the reliability and quality of its packaging and its processes, for an ethical orientation in respect of the environment, along with the care of the people and the community itself.


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