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P&B GROUP: Beauty Block Ritual Collection

Non classé - 07/04/2022

Can’t wait to meet you on the Clean Beauty in London!
On this occasion, we will present our latest collection of solid cosmetics: Our Beauty Block Ritual Collection.

Overview :

[ When lifestyle takes over cosmetics ]

Cosmetics inspired by lifestyle and art of living trends. A complete solid beauty ritual covering hygiene and care. New gestures designed to improve the user experience. Our range aims to reconcile the expectations of consumers who are increasingly demanding in terms of quality and sensorially with a quest for meaning and an urgency to turn to consumption with more ethical and eco-responsible values.

In our prospective and innovative cell we have some strong convictions for the key players brands on the subject:

  • The historical hygiene axis of solid cosmetics must be completed by an innovative and qualitative offer on the care axis which is still too little explored.
  • Solid cosmetics must be integrated through new, more premium codes to complete the current mass market-oriented offer. Solid cosmetics can be inserted into all brand universes with an adapted positioning and a rethought marketing.
  • The focus must be on the consumer experience with the emphasis on new gestures and renewal.
  • The approach must be sublimated through brand personalization to transcribe a DNA through fragrance, active ingredients and effectiveness.
  • The approach must be carried out at 360° with an ethical reflection on ingredients, formulas and packaging.
  • And last but not the least: Solid cosmetics must offer consumers the same level of quality as traditional cosmetics. The consumer should not have to choose and the playful side should not overwhelm the expected quality.

This point is essential in order to not only be positioned on an appeal product (main problem on the solid cosmetic) but to generate re-purchase!


You still wonder what the key arguments are for the consumer?  

  • Reduce your waste!
    The new challenge for the ecosystem? Try to Find some reasonable alternatives! Long live cardboard and recyclable / recycled materials!
  • Save money
    On the budget, there is a great observation! 1 x 100g solid cleanser = A bottle of 250 of shower gel
  • No more excessive water consumption and preservatives
  • Water use has more than doubled since the 1960s. Almost 1/4 of the population is threatened by water shortage. Place to the notion of “waterless” and “watersaving”!
  • By eliminating the presence of water in products, preservatives are no longer necessary to protect them from bacteria (valid for powders and bars).
  • -Travel light and convenient
    Reduce your vanity by half, no more problems with leaks, breakage or space!

Come discover our full range of solid cosmetics!
In the meantime, to make your mouth water, we are going to spoil with our favourite galenic, reworked on the occasion of the clean beauty London!

Light on “My Sakura Exfo-powder”! Get a soft and exfoliated skin with this cleansing and exfoliating powder.
This is an iconic texture of this show with lotus particles, 1% of Sakura flower extract, 98.5 % of naturality and without preservative.
In contact with water this powder turns into pink, an incredible color effect that seduce a lot!
Pour a dose of powder in your hands, add some water and gently massage your face to activate the mechanical exfoliation and the color effect then rinse off. Your skin is then ready to receive its care!

Reserve your slot for a presentation of the range with Laurent Scalbert our international sales manager lscalbert@p-b-group.com or Julia de Strada our marketing manager jdestrada@p-b-group.com.


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