17&18 April 2023 THE BREWERY - London Better for the People and the Planet

Are new materials in beauty packaging just a trend or here to stay?

Wednesday 13th April 2022

3:30 pm – 4:15 pm

This panel discussion will gather an innovative start-up that is developing materials readily available for the cosmetic industry as well as an industrial designer on how-to design new products with the complex new materials. We will also get a brand perspective on using and promoting these new materials.

These materials require a new way of managing the entire life cycle of the product, including manufacturing, usage and the end of life. Also an entirely new way of marketing them, to make sure consumers use them, and discard them appropriately. 

Are we entering the era of educational marketing?

Ms Elsie Rutterford, co-founder, BYBI BEAUTY

Ms Dominica Minarovich, co-founder, BYBI BEAUTY

Ms Juliette Bouilly, industrial designer, MORRAMA











Mr Amir Afshar, CPO & co-founder, SHELLWORKS











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