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Discover Earth Rhythm Interview

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Discover Earth Rhythm Interview
Earth Rhythm is India's first homegrown clean and clinically effective beauty and personal care brand that offers products that are safe for both people and planet Earth. Our professional Cosmetic Chemists work tirelessly to innovate on in-house formulations to solve new-age beauty & personal care concerns of consumers. Our certifications and global recognitions (ECOCERT, PETA, rePurpose Global) also attest to our principles of clean beauty.

Built on the ethos of Efficacy, Inclusivity and Sustainability, Earth Rhythm offers professional-grade clean skincare, haircare and beauty products that focus on ingredients of a superior quality. We invest in independent clinical trials and research, and all our formulae are supported by this research that the brand shares transparently with consumers. At Earth Rhythm, we have a range of products that offer multifaceted solutions, be it in terms of the number of concerns they combat and issues they solve or the number of applications they have, thus helping the consumer follow a minimal regimen suited for the times. Even our makeup line is infused with skincare to offer multiple benefits with a single application.

Our Certifications
We don’t just claim to use ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals, we have the certifications to prove it. Earth Rhythm is ECOCERT-certified, which guarantees friendly production and processing norms as well as the responsible use of resources, and certified natural ingredients. Our products have been verified by the ECOCERT team, from composition to processing and packaging. The products we manufacture are also certified by rePurpose Global and PETA as Plastic Neutral and 100% Animal Cruelty Free, respectively.

Our Commitments
- Innovation: From utilisation to storage and then disposal, it is our constant endeavour to innovate on how we present and package our products. They come equipped with ancillaries or are designed in a way to deliver maximum convenience to consumers. We also extensively use materials such as tin, glass, and recycled plastic in our packaging, with products wrapped in honeycomb papers for all shipments.
- Accountability: From manufacturing to packaging, we are responsible for the entire supply chain. All our formulations are also created in-house by trained Cosmetic Chemists. We thus ensure that each of our products meets the highest standards of quality. Compliance is something we take very seriously.
- Utility: It is also our continued endeavour to arm the user with the knowledge and know-how of ingredients, usage, benefits and so on. We have thus integrated our website with informative blogs that help consumers choose products discerningly. Being a beauty & personal care company, we understand that when it comes to skin, hair and makeup, the consumer may be on the lookout for products with specific ingredients or those that target his/her concern. Our website thus allows the user to browse the entire portfolio by product category, ingredient, concern, or skin & hair type.
- Inclusivity: Earth Rhythm believes in inclusivity; it is part of our core ethos. All Earth Rhythm campaigns feature people from all walks of life. Real beauty lies in embracing your skin, irrespective of any gender, age, caste, orientation, or preference. We celebrate beauty for an inspiring and diverse community that is not limited by labels or tags.

Interview of Harini Sivakumar, Founder & CEO of Earth Rythm 

In your opinion, what does clean beauty bring to cosmetics?
The global beauty & personal care market, that comprises both organic (clean) and non-organic segments based on nature of ingredients, is expected to exceed US$570 billion in 2023 in revenue, and grow annually at a CAGR of 3.80% between 2023 and 2027. And while the non-organic segment is expected to dominate, the growing awareness among people regarding the risks of toxic chemicals, such as skin irritation, hormonal imbalance, organ toxicity, and even cancer, and their concerns over environmental responsibility and animal cruelty are major restraints to this growth. In the recent past, complaints made against beauty goods have also drastically increased. Beauty should not be at the expense of one’s health. Clean beauty & personal care is not only more effective but also gentle on the body and does not damage the skin or health in the long run. On the other hand, the expected surge and accompanying influx of brands in the global beauty & personal care space could come at a humongous unseen environmental cost in terms of plastic pollution, air pollution and animal cruelty. Clean beauty can thus help curtail this grievous impact and make way for a better, more liveable planet one step at a time.

What is the direction Earth Rhythm is taking regarding Clean Beauty?
Earth Rhythm is India's first homegrown clean and clinically effective beauty and personal care brand that offers products that are safe for both people and planet Earth. And we walk the talk when it comes to clean beauty via:

- Paraben & Sulfate-free Products: All our products are free of parabens and sulfate that can lead to skin, eye, and scalp irritation along with severe inflammation. Our formulations are created by trained Cosmetic Chemists and go through independent clinical trials to give the consumer proven efficacy sans toxins.
- Certified Ingredients: Our products are ECOCERT certified, which guarantees friendly production and processing norms as well as the responsible use of resources, and certified natural ingredients.
- Plastic Neutral Practices & Packaging: We mostly use glass and tin in our packaging, and PCR plastic – clean plastic that needs no further recycling. A select range of products is also certified Plastic Neutral in partnership with rePurpose Global, the world's leading Plastic Action Platform dedicated to reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring nature's balance.
- 100% Cruelty Free Processes: We are strictly against the testing of beauty & personal care products on animals in any stage of the manufacturing process or otherwise. We are thus certified be PETA as a 100% Cruelty-Free brand.

What are some interesting innovations Earth Rhythm is planning to bring at Clean Beauty in London?
At Earth Rhythm, we meticulously examine areas that hold the potential for innovation – however big or small – in a bid to deliver greater convenience to the consumer. We plan to bring to Clean Beauty in London:

- An innovative product portfolio that has successfully reshaped the view of consumers of conventional formulations and their packaging
- Multifaceted solutions that combat several skincare and haircare issues through clean ingredients
- Eco-friendly packaging that eliminates the use of harmful plastics
- Touchless manufacturing that promotes both safety and purity of products
- Efficient technology that is both utilitarian and seamless for the consumer
- Omnichannel mobility that gives the consumer the superior experience of browsing, selecting, and purchasing our products from the convenience of their mobile phones

Why is Earth Rhythm coming to Clean Beauty in London?
Clean Beauty is a movement meant to make the world a more liveable space by promoting growth and collaboration among its innovators and supporters in one of the biggest and most far-reaching sectors in the global sphere – beauty & personal care. Each revolutionising idea needs an exemplary platform to further the cause. Clean Beauty is that stage that offers the chance to showcase innovation to an audience that supports the movement and truly believes in its tenets.
Earth Rhythm is one of the most committed cogs in the wheel of this global campaign. We look forward to meeting and collaborating with prospective business partners and together shape the future of the beauty & personal care sector. We, at Earth Rhythm, believe that beauty & personal care are ever evolving. We thus also look forward to gaining insight on the latest developments in the sector and meet collaborators with whom we share our ethos.

Join us at Clean Beauty in London on 17 & 18 April 2023 to meet Earth Rythm