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Discover OPAC Interview
OPAC’s know-how concerns thestudy, research, development and the manufacturing of skincare products, tissue masks and wet wipes. OPAC proposes itself as a total solution provider to design and manufacture cosmetics, personal care and hygiene products.

OPAC works with B2B companies who want to create branded cosmetics: owners of existing and future brands, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, service providers and traders in the cosmetic or related sectors who want to expand their range of products or enter the cosmetics world. An “all-inclusive” partner for the creation of high-quality cosmetic solutions, moulding any customers’ ideas into successful projects, through differentiated business models (co-development, tailor-make, ready to go) and supply options (bulk, semi-turnkey, turnkey). With passion and creativity!

Interview of Orietta Riccaboni, BU Manager at OPAC

In your opinion, what does Clean Beauty bring to cosmetics?
For a long time, products containing only natural and organic ingredients have been considered the basis of Clean Beauty. Nevertheless, in the last few years, this trend has changed and a more holistic and broad point of view is now being adopted. Consequently, today Clean Beauty means also worrying about the entire life cycle of the cosmetic product, which includes the choice of a sustainable and planet-friendly packaging, as well as the adoption of ethic manufacturing processes and transparency towards consumers throughout the whole supply  chain.

What is the direction OPAC is taking regarding Clean Beauty?
Respect for the skin and for the planet is our interpretation of Clean Beauty.
We have developed a “Clean Formulation Code”, based on a formulation approach with positively-connoted ingredients and a set of good manufacturing processes with low impact.
We are committed to make safe, clean products delivering real results, focusing on fair and transparent formulas, with a high content of naturality.
In doing this we care for the overall environment as well, prioritizing ingredients that are ethically sourced, of non-animal origin, and cruelty-free. Not only do the formulation and the ingredients play a crucial role, but also the packaging and the manufacturing process: the whole value chain is managed within OPAC always with ethics and transparency.

What are some interesting innovations OPAC is planning to bring at Clean Beauty in London?
Clean Beauty represents for OPAC a great opportunity to feature its recent developments. One of the collections’ leitmotif takes inspiration from a recently emerged trend: the so-called Kitchen Beauty. In other words, the traditional skincare products are winking even more at the healthier side of the kitchen. Thus, vegetables, cereals and fruit are becoming the ingredients to put not only in the shopping bag but also in the beauty case. A collection that ranges from face cleanser, to body oil, to tissue masks, to face treatment. For each formula, we have selected recycled ingredients made entirely from nutrient-rich plant leftovers too good to be wasted and thus upcycled into unique & innovative cosmetic ingredients.
Along with this collection, at the exhibition OPAC will present also its ultimate frontier of solid cosmetics, a disruptive technological innovation revolutionizing the approach to skincare, from a consumption, environmental, formulation and manufacturing viewpoint. It deals with Beauty Pills, winner of the MakeUp IT Awards in New York, customizable to offer different cosmetic applications, such as moisturizer, anti-age treatment, bronzer, brightener with pearls, mechanical scrubs and face masks.
Why is OPAC coming to Clean Beauty in London and what do you hope to achieve at the show?
With the participation at Clean Beauty OPAC has set itself two fundamental objectives: first of all Clean Beauty represents a great opportunity to highlight OPAC’s skincare innovations, to obtain greater visibility in the UK market and beyond and to identify new business partners.
The second goal that OPAC has set itself is to inspire beauty brands to decipher and co-create the Clean Beauty trends of tomorrow. OPAC truly thinks that Clean Beauty is the key to present and future innovation and strongly wants to shape the future of beauty.

Join us at Clean Beauty in London on 17 & 18 April 2023 to meet OPAC