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Discover Pennelli Faro Interview

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Discover Pennelli Faro Interview
Pennelli Faro S.r.l. is an internationally recognized manufacturer of brushes and accessories for fine arts and cosmetics.
Pennelli Faro has the headquarters and the entire production process in Italy, located in the historic and traditional brush manufacturing district of the Cremona area, producing some of the finest brushes on the market since 1971.
In our company Pennelli Faro, innovation is a key element. We rely on our great expertise in Italian brushes manufacturing in order to offer cutting-edge products, which are able to meet or anticipate the market trends. Since 1971, innovation through creativity and forward thinking has allowed us to find better ideas, solutions and strategies.
Makeup, skincare and haircare applicators: ranges of solutions able to meet the needs of the most cutting-edge cosmetic brands looking for innovation and high performance in applicators to enhance the results and technical features of their formulas. Infinite possibilities of customization and the widest catalogue of collections for ready-to-market projects.

We transform ideas into innovative cosmetic brushes and applicators. We develop and industrialize answers for our Clients’ needs.
Our innovation is technical, intrinsic to the soul of the applicator. Innovation that stands on a solid experience.

At our disposal, the widest catalogue of collections for your ready-to-market projects. Beside this, infinite possibilities of customization, from the most innovative raw materials, to the most functional shapes, to the highest distinctive aesthetics.
Our focus is to offer both customized brush collections and tailored-made solutions.
As an OEM/ODM company, we sell business-to-business exclusively.
You can create your own brush collection from scratch but you can also have a fully customized ready-to-market project.

Sustainability and environmental awareness meet the biggest industrial capacity in Made in Italy brush and cosmetic applicator manufacturing.

Interview of Sara Zanafredi, CEO of Pennelli Faro

In your opinion, what does clean beauty bring to cosmetics?
A tradeshow like Clean Beauty London aims to consecrate the trend of sustainability and eco-consciouness in beauty field.
Speaking of products, we no longer have a strict line, which requires only 100% natural products without the use of science. We are facing its evolution: there is greater awareness of the origin of raw materials, and of how their acquisition can have a strong environmental impact.
We look at the use of science and technology to make the product more "pure" and clean, to reduce waste and enter a circular economy process, which allows to reduce the environmental footprint of new product being launched.
The vegan trend will also evolve towards an recognition of biotechnology, with raw materials created in the laboratory, which allow a reduction in water consumption and reduce energy waste.

Environmentally-friendly products are essential, and their desirability is in constant growth.
Recyclability is no longer an added benefit, but quickly becoming a necessary element.
The circular economy approach, where nothing is wasted and waste itself is noble.
At the same time, finding recycling-ready solutions is a must.
And here we move to the mono-material approach.
Nothing to be disassembled, by items fully recyclable in one gesture.

What is the direction Pennelli Faro is taking regarding Clean Beauty?
Ecology is an important aspect we always keep in mind. We respect the environment around us and our products do not contain any substance dangerous for human beings or nature. Our premises are environmentally friendly and the energy is supplied by our geotermic plant of solar panels with zero emissions.

Sustainability for Pennelli Faro is therefore not only a popular trend, but a set of "smart" values and choices aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the company itself, its production processes and consequently to minimise the environmental footprint of the products offered to the cosmetic market. We select  the most sustainable raw materials from controlled sources to always guarantee an ethical supply chain. We succeeded in reducing the usage of virgin materials and we always prefer Recycled, Recyclable, upcycled, non toxic materials and eco-friendly decorations.

To reduce our environmental impact we work on 2 sides:
  • Eliminating waste by focusing on recycling
  • Developping smart product design to reduce the applicators’ components and therefore waste

Finally our plants are 100% powered by renewable and clean energy that allows a greener production. We don’t have to forget that Pennelli Faro brush manufacturing takes place at our headquarters. Proximity makes the passage of information very fast, with a sensible lowering of the environmental impact. Currently, the most sustainable solutions among brushes and cosmetic applicators are made of recyclable materials that can be recycled separately.
In today's increasingly eco-conscious climate, brands and consumers are seeking out packaging that can be more easily recycled. Here is where monomaterial offers a clear benefit.

At Pennelli Faro we have developed SOLO®: the one material brush, from head to toe, same material for fibre and handle, a masterpiece in terms of Circular Economy, made from post-consumer waste water bottles. And we developed Solo®Xchange too: it is the one material brush, with a sustainable asset. One and only material, 100% recycled and  recyclable, Solo®Xchange offers interchangeable brush heads fitting on one handle. Suitable for the most innovative, sustainable and avant-garde brands.

What are some interesting innovations Pennelli Faro is planning to bring at Clean Beauty in London?
Our more representative products in terms of sustainability.

SOLO® is a patented brush where all components are made of the same material; even the synthetic fibre is made with 100% recycled and recyclable grinded plastic.
This brush collection can reduce the materials used in brush manufacturing.
Therefore, the most innovative and eco-conscious cosmetic brands can say goodbye to multiple materials in brushes and welcome the most sustainable brush, the one material brush, produced with 100% recycled materials and fully recyclable without separating the components.

Solo®Xchange is the cosmetic brush with several sustinable key concepts inside:
· why
solo®: ‘solo’ in Italian means ‘only’ because it is made only of one material, from head to toe
Xchange: each brush head can be changed in one intuitive and quick gesture
· recycled: sourced by recycled water bottles
less plastic: lightened, less weight  
recyclable: infinitely, without split-up
zero impact: manufactured with 100% renewable energy
Solo®Xchange comes from recycled sources, sourced by recycled water bottles from reliable certified partners.  
The Dermocura® fibre, recycled, is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic and guarantees a precise, smooth and professional makeup application.
Solo®Xchange is infinitely recyclable. Lighter for less plastic waste, comfortable for the most precise usage.
The heads fit on the handle with a simple gesture, can be removed and changed easily.

Why is Pennelli Faro coming to Clean Beauty in London and what do you hope to achieve at the show?
We decided to participate to Clean Beauty London to show our big efforts in terms of research & development in the direction of eco-sustainability, we believe a lot in this topic and we are sure many brands are ready to welcome eco-solutions in makeup and skincare applicator fields. Now eco solutions are ready and available, so it’s absolutely possible to enhance each brand environmental impact by choosing an eco-friendly applicator to exhalt a makeup or skincare formula. We decided to participate because sustainability has essentially become a mandate in Beauty.
According to recent studies, looking for recycling symbols on packaging is still the top behavior of consumers assessing a product based on sustainability: one third of consumers look for beauty brands which are sustainable, increasing to 40% in those under 25.
Yet the main challenge is creating products that are sustainable without compromising quality, formula compatibility and aesthetics.
With today's beauty consumer more environmentally conscious than ever, sourcing recyclable, reusable and overall sustainable solutions is no longer a luxury but a necessity for successful cosmetics and personal care brands.

Join us at Clean Beauty in London on 17 & 18 April 2023 to meet Pennelli Faro