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Discover Good Face Project
Meeting beauty regulations is challenging.
With the thousands of global retail, regional, and safe and sustainability standards changing frequently and without warning, brands and manufacturers are left chasing after data that is often inaccessible.
The Good Face Formulator is powered by the largest proprietary ingredient database in beauty that’s always updating via artificial intelligence and a team of global experts in data science, chemistry, and toxicology. The platform helps cosmetic brands, manufacturers and ingredient suppliers meet the complex regulatory landscape by aggregating and updating these regulations in real time, taking the tedious work out of the R&D process so teams can instead focus on innovating.
In addition to using this rich data to build safe, compliant and effective formulas, brands leverage the Good Face platform to build product transparency with their consumers, who no longer only care about the ingredient list but the ingredient origin as well.
Good Face is the only system in the industry connecting the value chain between brands, manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and the end consumers.

Interview of Lucas Nanini, Head of Europe and Asia at the Good Face Project

In your opinion, what does clean beauty bring to cosmetics?

Clean beauty can be interpreted and understood in many different ways. At the Good Face Project, we generally define “clean” beauty as a product that doesn’t risk your own health, with ingredient lists containing only safe ingredients. We monitor this by analyzing each and every cosmetic ingredient and give grades based purely on safety and toxicity, and based on the latest research available at that time. To us, a clean beauty product is free of hormone disruptors and carcinogens.

What is the direction Good Face Project is taking regarding clean beauty?

We are on a mission to make cosmetic ingredient transparency a standard for the beauty industry. Consumers are demanding safer and more efficacious products and we believe it starts with giving product developers and R&D teams the tools to approach “clean” with confidence. Our Formulator platform makes it easy for brands and manufacturers to easily grade their formulations against worldwide requirements for safe and sustainable products. Using cutting edge data science and artificial intelligence, we analyze product formulations with the most up-to-date publicly available scientific research to give you a no-nonsense, facts-based safety guide. Our goal is to make it easy and instant for formulators to see if a product is safe based on its ingredients. By saving time and resources to our partners, we allow for more innovation in this space as well.

What are some interesting innovations Good Face Project is planning to bring at Clean Beauty in London?

We’re looking forward to showcasing our product to beauty formulators so they can see in real time how we save R&D teams hundreds of hours a week on regulatory and formulation tasks. The Good Face Project is the only platform in the cosmetics and personal care industry that immediately adjusts any time global regulatory, scientific or consumer sentiment changes take place, so teams are always ahead of new chemical regulations and their implications. Our pace of innovation is fast, so rest assured that we will have some great features to announce during the show.

Why is Good Face Project coming to Clean Beauty in London and what do you hope to achieve at the show?

We’re excited to meet with industry innovators to learn how they’re approaching “clean” with their products and formulas and share how Good Face can help them. We always feel invigorated by our mission after attending Clean Beauty events and can’t wait to connect with old and new industry faces. The UK and Europe more broadly is a key region for us to expand into this year and for the year to come, so picking this event as one of our main activities was a natural choice.

Join us at Clean Beauty in London on 17 & 18 April 2023 to meet Good Face Project