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Discover Cosmotec
Since 1988, Cosmotec has been a reference in the world of Swiss cosmetics subcontracter. Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps,  Cosmotec laboratory offers you the quality and the "made in Switzerland" label that enhances your brand. Combining a high qualified personnel and the performance of modern technical equipment, we develop your ideas and projects from the brief to the finished product.
Cosmotec is your privileged interlocutor to handle your projects with the expected excellence.
Interview of Clément LEVIVIER
Head of Project & Customer Service of Cosmotec

In your opinion, what does clean beauty bring to cosmetics?

Clean beauty brings transparency to the beauty products. It's also challenging in terms of formulation to select natural raw materials with high efficacy. Clean beauty helps protects the planet as well as human beings. 

What is the direction Cosmotec is taking regarding Clean Beauty?

As a sub-contrator we have more and more demands regarding clean beauty. So we adapted and also had to challenge all the suppliers we are working with to offer sustainable raw material and to be more transparent about the origins. We are also very demanding concerning our own manufacturing processes. 

What are some interesting innovations Cosmotec  is planning to bring at Clean Beauty in London?

Our new Less is More Collection was developped according to very strict criteria that we call Ultra Clean Beauty. Its defined as a minimalist, natural and efficient INCI list with all active ingredients. We have kept is simple yet efficient in 10 ingredients or less because...Less is More.

Why is Cosmotec coming to Clean Beauty in London and what do you hope to achieve at the show?

We come to Clean Beauty London to offer a chance to beauty brands to discover our great and recent innovations that will be their next success. We are also here to discover the new demands and trends on clean beauty. 

Join us at Clean Beauty in London on 17 & 18 April 2023 to meet Cosmotec!