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Water Wisdom

Water Wisdom
The power and sacred energy of water inspires innovation, as we seek to honor and share in its healing capabilities, as well as responsibly harness its energy. The blue beauty movement continues to grow as the ocean remains a strong driver for healing and holistic health, with sea-based ingredients sparking a “coastal care” approach. There is a shift to make ocean-based products more luxurious, through diverse sea-based botanicals that create a “sea garden effect” while brands work to restore the ocean’s health using eco-initiatives. “Ocean positive” becomes the new sustainability buzzword for blue beauty, as brands endeavor to design products that actively benefit our global waterways: brand OSEA pioneered the term, becoming the first “ocean positive” brand thanks to their partnership with SeaTrees to counteract its carbon emissions by restoring critical ocean ecosystems.


One key area of innovation from ocean healing is the rise of salt within beauty and wellness. Called “the mineral of the future” by Henna Burney of research lab Atelier Luma, salt’s purifying capabilities turn it into a star ingredient, as consumers look to raw, detoxifying actives that support their wellbeing. The ancient ritual of halotherapy, aka salt therapy, helps to treat respiratory, dermatological, and even emotional issues, thanks to Himalayan sea salt which cleanses negative energy, grounds the soul, and heals the body. Brands help consumers add a level of mineral detoxification to their routines, with examples like Arnash Arjuna’s Ashwagandha Himalayan Bath Immersion or OSEA’s Salts of the Earth Body Scrub, which gently exfoliates using mineral-rich salts from around the world. Global salts become a focus, as research finds options like Camargue salt show promise for energy applications. Even air care products infuse air with salt to strengthen our respiratory systems, fight microbes, and calm the body: the Salt Stone dispenses salt into the air to equate to the same calming and restorative level experienced at a beach.

Hydra Fluid

We see consumers gravitate towards ultra-light formulations that deliver a watery burst of hydration and a weightless feel, like Soft Service’s Speed Soak Rehydrating Gel body lotion, which uses a water-based formula to address a common body lotion pain point of stickiness or greasy feeling. Esmi Skin’s Hydra Fluid Moisturizer also embodies this trend, with its cooling gel for dehydrated skin, while Ocean Heritage’s Revitalizing Water Serum features a marine-based formula that provides deep nourishment and fast absorption. Liquid textures also emerge, seen in Susanne Kaufmann’s Boosting Liquid Mask that prevents aging and moisture loss. Brands also look to water-based formulations, as Japanese-based Green Science Alliance introduces their water-based nature biomass nail polishes that stay put even after washing. Lastly, brands like Foile use packaging to highlight the texture of their formulas, with aquatic-inspired flowing bottles that house ultra-lightweight facial oils.

Oceanic Bounty

Luxurious ingredients like oysters and pearls influence beauty products that seek to capture a refined oceanic feel. Edulis’ Regenerating Night Cream, for example, is made with fresh oysters thanks to a patented process, with oysters providing an essential boost of zinc and collagen to skin, while Elina Organics’ Sun Shelter SPF draws on the classic elegance of pearls with their Seawater Pearl Powder ingredient, which adds potent anti-aging, fortifying replenishment to skin to protect it from the environment. In addition, we see new oceanic botanicals emerge to create a vibrant “sea garden” effect. Sea moss in particular grows thanks to TikTok, as viewers blend their own sea moss gels to take advantage of its nutrient-dense benefits. Sea fennel also emerges as a marine alternative to traditional vegetables, seen in Valentia’s Sea Fennel Marine Clay Mask and Earth and Halo’s Blue Crystalline Serum, with both products choosing sea fennel for its potent antioxidant properties. Innovative brands also add these sea garden benefits to categories like haircare, with Ayurvedic brand Fable & Mane utilizing mineral-rich sea silt in their Cooling Scalp Mud Mask, which infuses the scalp with the ocean floor’s restorative benefits.

Article write by Mallory Huron, Senior Strategist for Beauty & Wellness at Fashion Snoops
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