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Discover Skinlys
Skinlys is a full-service cosmetic contract manufacturing company based in France. We design and manufacture custom cosmetics for companies who aim to expand their range of beauty products or launch innovative skin care and makeup products. Our team helps you create the cosmetics of your choice under your company’s brand name. We study your marketing brief or help you define your specifications. Our R&D team provides a wide range of innovative, compliant and customizable formulas for your beauty, skin care or makeup products to meet your requirement. Skinlys provides also a wide range of packaging solutions. Our team makes sure every item included in your packaging fully respects your requirements, brand identity and applicable regulations. To make your product stand out for your target audience, choosing the right type of packaging is essential. Before we start manufacturing your beauty product, every project is validated by our Process Engineering team. We study every step of the production process to validate the industrial scale-up and feasibility of your project. Our versatile manufacturing equipment and expert in-house engineering processes can be adapted to innovative filling and assembly techniques for creative beauty products for liquids, gels, cream, oils, W/O and O/W emulsions. Our filling unit is also very versatile and can handle a wide range of packaging types and sizes from small to large projects. We have a wide selection of packaging filling for tubes, jars, bottles small and big contents, and airless system.

Interview of Zsolt RENDETZKI, President

In your opinion, what does clean beauty bring to cosmetics?

Clean beauty is a fundamental trend where health and eco-responsibility occupy a central place. It embodies this profound change in consumers who are looking for more transparency, safety, and health for their skin and for the planet. Clean beauty is ultimately a natural movement that follows the evolution of the society and its collective and environmental issues. It allows cosmetics to stay connected to the aspirations of cosmetics consumers.

What is the direction Skinlys is taking regarding Clean Beauty?

Skinlys approach to skin care has always been focused on sustainable beauty and well-being, very careful about the raw materials used and the nature of actives, prioritizing natural ingredients, caring about environmental responsibility, mindful about the need for global action to preserve and protect it.
Skinlys approach to clean beauty is based on two key elements: systematic removal of “bad” ingredients (“better for the skin”) and the “to do good” approach of the Company for the planet. Our skin care products are designed to benefit both consumers and the planet. Cutting-edge textures and innovative active ingredients to create sustainable and holistic solutions that respect nature.

What are some interesting innovations Skinlys is planning to bring at Clean Beauty in London?

The collections are made 100% with clean formulations, responding to the different skin needs and brand positionings. Skin to Skin, upcycling face and hair care, to respond to the increasing consumer-demand for acting to preserve our environment with long-term solutions for more sustainable cosmetics. Brightening solutions such as our two steps alginate mask, designed to deliver active ingredients that ensure brightening skin care benefits; anti-ageing innovations, focused on skin perfector blur, free from silicones, that softens and minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. All our formulations are designed to capture every aspect of touch and feel to please the five senses. We are always envisioning to enhance the holistic consumer experience with the most state-of-the-art, clean, formulation concepts.

Why is Skinlys coming to Clean Beauty in London and what do you hope to achieve at the show?

Showing our products and know-how are as important as meeting our customers and new potential customers.  The aim of our presence at the fair is also to enlarge our UK client portfolio, showing our idea of clean Beauty, through sensorial textures, innovative concepts, upcycled raw materials, recyclable packaging, as well as “ready to go” formulas, to catch the attention of the different needs of the brands. Promoting the “Made in France” excellence to increase our visibility in the UK market.
The second goal is to cooperate with beauty brands, to create the clean innovation of tomorrow, and gather with experts to discuss about long-term sustainable solutions, that prioritize the waste reduction.

Join us at Clean Beauty in London on 17 & 18 April 2023 to meet Skinlys