Tuesday, April 11

12 steps that simplify your business

12 steps that simplify your business
Today we are all aware that the new era of conscious consumerism is now here.
The problem is, how do you give clarity to your dream clients on your unique purpose when today as a brand you have less than 10 seconds to stand out?
Sara Simmonds, Conscious leadership and product innovation expert has spent the last 15 years figuring out how you can get clarity and simplify your business to hone in on what you deliver that is a hero product, so you can make a real impact without wasting time.

What Sara has unlocked is that the old model of building a business looked at purpose, product innovation, sales and marketing as separate silos.
Today in our conscious digital world, this old model no longer works.

Today, everything you do is connected to what you deliver which is a hero product.
Being a former buyer for some of the worlds top stores including Harvey Nichols and River island, Sara has seen first hand that the secret to growing your sales in 2023 is getting clarity on which part of your business your dream clients want from you so that you can build a global movement for your brand. And looking at your business in a holistic way.

Sara's conscious leadership mastermind journey for business owners begins by asking yourself this question, why am I building my brand? What is my mission? What is the unique problem my product is solving for my clients? How is my business uniquely different to other companies? "The key is asking yourself these questions from the point of view of what does your answer actual MEAN not to you or your team, but to your dream client. My students often say to me we know what we mean, and I say ah but do your clients know, and do they know when they look at your website, your packaging, or listen to you on a podcast and get the unique power of your business and hero products in less than 10 seconds? As today that is all you have to engage the conscious consumer and make a real impact.

To learn how you can get clarity in 12 steps that simplify your business, come to listen to saras expert conscious innovator roadmap on X date and time, where Sara will reveal the formula of how you can sell more and waste less without wasting time.

Sara Simmonds, CEO and Chief Mentor, The Conscious Innovator