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Discover Thépenier
Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics (TP&C) is the perfect alliance of French and Japanese cultures, known for their taste for innovation, refinement and quality. TP&C, as a subcontractor and subsidiary of Nippon Shikizai Inc., is the result of an advanced technological collaboration between the two countries.
We are a cosmetic subcontractor - OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) - specialising in the development and manufacture of liquid, semi-solid and powder cosmetics. We offer skincare and makeup products designed and manufactured in-house, through our subsidiary Nippon Shikizai France or at our headquarters in Japan.
As an outsourcing specialist, TP&C offers a full range of services at every stage of the supply chain: product development, regulatory affairs, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, quality control, supply, cosmetics release and shipping.
TP&C is proud of its award-winning sustainable cosmetic creations from its R&D (Research & Development). Our innovations comply with all European and American cosmetic legislation. At the request of our customers, they can easily be adapted to the requirements of other legislation.
All our formulations meet the highest standards of clean cosmetics. In addition, they respect the blacklists of all major brands, which are our regular partners.
Our formulations are also and often more than 95% natural. We are convinced that the composition of cosmetic and hygiene products must be irreproachable. Indeed, our permanent objective is to be absolutely sure that the design and manufacture of the products preserve the health of the users of our formulations or your products.
Thanks to its Japanese parent company Nippon Shikizai Inc, TP&C aims to connect you in real time to the East Asian market, certainly the most innovative cosmetics market in the world. Based on this unique know-how and positioning, we design ready to sell formula skeletons, as well as customised and on-demand skincare, hygiene and make-up formulas.
TP&C has been a contract manufacturer for over 50 years and is constantly innovating for better products. This makes us the strongest partner to effectively outsource product development and/or manufacturing in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) environment. Thus, we offer the highest possible quality standards and have maintained our non-quality rate below 0.5% for several years.
Beyond France and Europe, we are used to cooperating with the whole world. 70% of our turnover is generated internationally. No culture, no market is unknown or uninteresting to us. Adaptation, flexibility and openness are our motto!
Whatever the size of your company, whatever the scope and dimension of your project, call on a reactive, dynamic, flexible and multilingual team (French, English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic). Thanks to our proactive organisation and investment culture, cosmetic brands optimise their time-to-market. In other words, we help you realize your industrial projects with passion and commitment.
In short, TP&C allows you to focus on what adds value to your business: promoting your brand. We take care of the rest!

Interview of Bertrand Lasserre, CEO

In your opinion, what does clean beauty bring to cosmetics?

Clean Beauty is a movement where health and eco-responsibility take center stage. It embodies a profound change among consumers who are looking for more transparency, more skin safety and more sustainable products and manufacturing processes.

What is the direction Thépenier is taking regarding clean beauty?

As pioneers in the development of products free of controversial ingredients, Clean Beauty is now fully integrated into our DNA and can no longer be a strategic axis of our RD&I policy as such.
This is why we have refocused our innovation around what we call "Safe Beauty", to envisage an increasingly demanding market, with increasingly informed consumers, in constant search of meaning and irreproachable cosmetic ethics, as well as undeniable and reassuring performance.

The objective of Safe Beauty, as imagined and designed by the TP&C’s laboratory, is to offer a whole new level of efficacy and performance to cosmetic products.

Safe Beauty is therefore clean, but also developed responsibly, with high-performance active ingredients carefully selected to guarantee the efficacy of the product, and with a constant concern to reduce its impact on the environment.
This is the objective that TP&C has set itself to effectively support international cosmetic brands, by putting the science and pharma DNA of our company at the service of high-efficacy, eco-designed and environmentally friendly products.

What are some interesting innovations Thépenier is planning to bring at Clean Beauty in London?

Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics will present a selection of freshly developed healthy and effective formulations. A complete offer of different galenic formulations with products formulated with more than 95% of ingredients of natural origin. These clean formulas meet the different needs of the skin and the positioning of the brands, without compromising on performance and sensoriality.

Why Thépenier is coming to Clean Beauty in London and what do you hope to achieve at the show?

Exhibiting at Clean Beauty in London allows us to showcase our formulas and expertise as well as meet with our current and future customers. The objective of our presence at the show is to share our expertise in Clean Beauty and Safe Beauty, through sensorial textures, innovative concepts, rigorously selected and possibly recycled raw materials, to lead visitors towards improved cosmetics. It will also allow us to promote the excellence of "Made in France" cosmetic products.

In short, we are coming to Clean Beauty London to offer beauty brands the opportunity to discover our innovations, our ability to think outside the box, the effectiveness of our formulas and get a head start on the new generation of effective beauty products.

Join us at Clean Beauty in London on April 17 & 18, 2023 to meet Thépenier!