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1023 thanks to all of you!

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1023 thanks to all of you!

The 2nd edition of Clean Beauty in London has officially closed its doors on Tuesday, leaving behind a trail of excitement and creativity that confirmed Clean Beauty is no longer just a niche market segment, but a powerful force that has revolutionized the beauty industry.

The bustling atmosphere and packed conferences were a testament to the event's success and the growing demand for conscious beauty. This year's event offered a wealth of knowledge and insights that shed light on a subject that can often be ambiguous and unclear, enlightening brands on the path to sustainability and transparency.

From regenerative practices to ingredient transparency, the conference showcased how brands can step up and make a difference in the world of beauty!

From Dr. Bronner'scommitment to going beyond organic and fair trade, to Haeckels' demonstration of how to operate regenerativelywithout mentioning it, speakers provided valuable perspectives on the importance of focusing on ingredientsand taking one action to serve a specific audience.

Collaborating with cosmetologists, safety assessors, and scientists were also emphasized as a key to ensure claims are true. Beyond cause marketing, brand activism is seen as the way forward to transform the beauty industry. Positive Luxury highlighted the differences between sustainability, ESG, and regenerative, with sustainability being the heart of the organization, aligning the company with its mission.

It is clear that consumers are now paying attention to brand ethics andproduct ingredients, and indie beauty brands are seen as challenging the way we think about sustainability and beauty to avoid greenwashing. Lastly, Eva Lagarde'sinsight on making sustainability mainstream and affordable reminded us that convenience remains the main barrier to sustainability

The INNOZONE, a new area at the exhibition, was a true reflection of the thriving and dynamic clean beauty market and a testament to its impact on the industry as a whole.

As soon as attendees entered the space, they were greeted with innovative products across three categories: natural and renewable raw materials, eco-design, and green chemistry.

Exhibitors showcased some of the most cutting-edge developments in the industry, including eco-design lipstick cases made entirely from recycled materials, natural and renewable raw materials like plant-based hyaluronic acid, and green chemistry formulations such as plant-based surfactants. Packaging solutions made from recycled and biodegradable materials, such as bamboo and paper pulp, were also featured, as well as technologies that enabled the creation of cosmetics using sustainable and non-toxic processes like biocatalysisand green solvents.

The INNOZONE area was a testament to the impact the clean beauty movement is having on the industry as a whole, and the success of this animation is a clear indication of the growing interest and demand for sustainable beauty products.

We were honored to showcase the creativity and innovation of our talented and pioneering exhibitors. Their commitment to sustainability and clean beauty is driving the industry forward, and we are proud to be a platform that highlights their contributions. Our hope is that INNOZONE, and Clean Beauty shows worldwide will keep on inspiring even more groundbreaking developments and help accelerate the transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable beauty industry!
We look forward to seeing you at future events, and continuing to work together towards a cleaner, more conscious future for the beauty industry.

Clean Beauty in London will be back in 2024… Seen you soon for more exciting updates and surprises to come!