17&18 April 2023 THE BREWERY - London Better for the People and the Planet

Clean beauty 3.0 is taking a new turn : how can you leverage this consumer shift?

Thursday 14th April 2022


In less than 5 years, the clean beauty trend has drastically reshaped consumer expectations and purchase behavior, be it in Europe, Asia, and even now in some markets of Central / South America. How did it go from an early signal to a consumer shift in that short amount of time? Synonym at first of a non-toxic beauty, it encompassed a broader meaning that Dynvibe detected in consumers’ spontaneous conversations on the social sphere back in 2019; The story is now repeating itself with consumers taking it to a further dimension. So what does it take to be considered as a “clean” brand from a consumer perspective today? Does it mean the same for everyone, anywhere in the world? Having started to guide its clients in their strategic decisions around this topic as soon as 2016, Dynvibe will demonstrate how Social Media Intelligence can help brands meet consumers’ expectations and prioritize their actions in this area.

Mr Mialy Raharison, Consumer trends analyst, DYNVIBE

Ms Audrey Laurent, Research Director, DYNVIBE











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