April 13-14, 2022 THE BREWERY - London Better for the People and the Planet


Discover our Conferences’ program on Clean Beauty !

As the clean beauty sector is becoming increasingly relevant, and consumer interest are outpacing the general beauty industry, Clean Beauty in London 2022 will be the place to be for the entire community and an opportunity to better understand the movement and to establish a charter of best practices

Worldwide experts, dermatologists, beauty brands, consultancy agencies, press and organisations membres will give their insight about these topics!

Regulations – Sustainability – Formulation – Packaging – Ingredients – Trends – End-of-life issues – Animal-testing certifications – Brexit regulations – “Black list” –  Ocean safe beauty – Preservatives, and so much more!


Building credibility in the landscape of “clean beauty”

Ms Viktoria Potko, Label and Events Officer at NATRUE

Dr. Diana Malcangi, External Scientific and Regulatory Consultant to NATRUE

Consumers are increasingly raising their expectations about cosmetic products, particularly within the natural and organic sector. – In our session you will learn: – How to formulate natural and organic cosmetics according to the principles of clean beauty – Why certification is important to fight greenwashing – Why to choose NATRUE as reliable certification label for natural and organic cosmetics – How to get products certified: process, timing, costs.


UK in Global Market for Natural & Organic Beauty Products

Mr Amarjit Sahota, Founder & President, Ecovia Intelligence

The departure of the UK from the European Union is leading many UK cosmetic brands to look at new international markets for exports. This seminar will give an update on the global market for natural & organic beauty products, providing the latest market data, trends & developments, as well as highlight the key business openings in the international arena. An update will also be given on the UK market for natural & organic beauty products. What market growth has occurred during the pandemic? How has the pandemic changed consumer behaviour? What is the future outlook?



 New materials: how to take side for a “cleaner” consumption model?

Limits and innovations for refillable packaging: solutions and retail concepts 

Ingredients & formulation

The black list of ingredients: Myth or reality?

Breaking the silence about preservatives : advantages and disadvantages 

Marketing, consumption & trends

Market condition and economic weight of Clean Beauty in line with consumers demands

Launching a clean beauty brand: What would be the best strategy?

Regulations & logistics

 Studying the US law proposition: how to define Clean Beauty?

Being Clean and Zero waste: are bulk and DIY concepts feasible in terms of retail, hygiene regulations and logistics?


Stay tuned, detailed conferences program & speakers available soon !