April 13-14, 2022 The Brewery - London Better for the People and the Planet


Come and discover our wonderful Exhibitors !

Essentia Beauty


Essentia Beauty  “We are a company pioneer in full service for over 20 years. Our mission is set brand apart by thinking creatively and providing unique beauty concepts and innovative sustainable solutions to keep pace with evolving conscious consumer.”

DTS Europe


Dts Europe “Dts manufactures patented monomaterial airless systems made 100% with conventional polyethylene or sugar cane polyethylene. Availaible for a wide range of formulas, there is no need to disassemble for recycling.”

ITIT Cosmetics SRL


ITIT Cosmetics SRL “Contract manufacturer based in Italy specialized in lips, face and eye products. Our service: bulk, bulk+fill, full service. Innovation, high quality standards, experience and flexibility. ISO, GMP, ECOVADIS certified and a complete line Ecocert certified. Ideas and concepts become real, developing customized make-up product.”

Beautycromia SRL


Beautycromia SRL “Beautycromia is a made in Italy contract manufacturing company for make-up & skin care custom-made products. Clean beauty concepts (pure, safe, sustainable formulas) are the main objective of our R&D.”

Anjac Health & Beauty


Anjac Health & Beauty “Formulating minimalist products requires special know-how if we want to maintain a beautiful sensoriality and great efficiency. Our proposals for solid cosmetics for all stages of the skin care routine required months of development.”



Omnicos “Omnicos is an Italian contract manufacturer and it’s the right place to become a sustainable cosmetic brand. Being sustainable is a top priority. That’s why Omnicos never stop investing in green solutions, from our headquarter to our formulas.”



C4Q SRL “C4Q is an innovation hub that allows companies to develop full service products in a total clean beauty concept with a unique innovation concept.”

Natural Cosmetics 


Natural Cosmetics “Manufacturing waterfree natural cosmetics in a sustainable way:  We as a company want to be as sustainable as possible. There is no planet B, so we need to take care of our environment and also take good care of each other. That’s why we have chosen to use Natural Ingredients in our products, that our products do not contain water, that we have a roof filled with solar panels, so our machines run on energy from the sun, our products are packed in recyclable materials as tin and paper and off course our employees. In our factory we work with people that have a distance to the labor market, we help them to join society again.”

LPI & APR Packaging


LPI & APR Packaging “LPI and APR Packaging offer innovative sustainability solutions for cosmetic packaging. Leaders of industry 4.0, we propose the highest standards of manufacturing and hygiene for standard and custom packaging including skincare and makeup items. Certified ISO14001 for environmental managerment.”

Art Cosmetics


Art Cosmetics “We are Artcosmetics, an Italian B2B contract manufacturer specialized in Color Cosmetics & Skincare. Our role on the global market is to deliver innovation, supporting our creativity with sound technical and scientific expertise.  ART MAKES YOU THINK BIG”


If you are an ingredients, formulation or packaging supplier for skincare, makeup, haircare or toiletries products, exhibit your product lines at the first event entirely dedicated to Clean Beauty.

Together we are promoting the new beauty era to answer consumer demand for more ethical, transparent, sustainable and healthy beauty products. Together we are building a strong relationship between key industry players and help create synergies to move towards a global commitment.

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