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Come and discover our international ingredients, full service, accessories, formulation or packaging suppliers for skincare, makeup, bodycare, haircare or toiletries products! 

ABC Texture


ABC Texture is a cosmetic R&D laboratory from France with its own production unit. We develop our own formulas combining innovation, creativity and expertise. ABC Texture is the first cosmetic factory built in France with a sustainable HQE approach. Our activity is certified ISO 22716, Natural and Organic Cosmos and Eve Vegan.

We support you in your project by delivering a turnkey product for Make-up, Skin Care and Sun Care.

Act Beauty


Act Beauty: Expert in professional beauty accessories.  Designer of retail and promotional gifts and fashion accessories. Specialist in luxury packaging.



AIRCOS, Anjac Health & Beauty group “is the expert in “Made in France” cosmetic powders at the forefront of innovative textures with incomparable effects and colors and hygiene applications. All of this was born from a wide assortment of technologies. We are creative and in constant contact with the market. As evidenced by our “AIRCOS Clean Beauty Charter”, we are committed to bringing you the best, whatever your standard. AIRCOS offers turnkey solutions benefiting from our integrated (standard and custom) packaging and sustainable and innovative designs created by our engineers. AIRCOS is the pairing of innovation with controlled processes within ever-shorter timeframes.”

Website : https://aircos-anjac.com/

Anjac Health & Beauty


Anjac Health & BeautyANJAC Health & Beauty Group is a French family-owned industrial group and a partner to beauty and health laboratories & wellness brands. We create, develop and manufacture solutions, from raw materials to finished products. Innovation is at the heart of our model, with our 110 researchers and our plant-based expertise.  We’re an agile ecosystem of 13 expert companies, with 21 R&D and production sites in France as well as in California, Canada & Spain, including AIRCOS, the French leader in powder cosmetic solutions, EUROWIPES, a key player in impregnated solutions for hygiene, cosmetics, personal care and health, PASCUAL COSMETIQUES, an expert in poured and liquid beauty products, sticks and shaping, ROVAL, specializes in the development of certified organic cosmetic and personal care products, and SICAF, expert in skin care and premium textures.

Website : https://www.anjac.com/


Art Cosmetics


Art Cosmetics “We are Artcosmetics, an Italian B2B contract manufacturer specialized in Color Cosmetics & Skincare. Our role on the global market is to deliver innovation, supporting our creativity with sound technical and scientific expertise.  ART MAKES YOU THINK BIG”



Baralan – A consolidated player since 1962, Baralan creates, manufactures and customizes premium glass and plastic packaging for the cosmetics industry. Baralan’s commitment is aimed at new solutions that drive and shape the future of beauty.


Beautycromia SRL


Beautycromia SRL “Beautycromia is a made in Italy contract manufacturing company for make-up & skin care custom-made products. Clean beauty concepts (pure, safe, sustainable formulas) are the main objective of our R&D.”



BKolor Makeup&Skincare as a creative icon, BKolor Makeup&Skincare as a creative instrument to get creativity and innovation grow every day, making successful projects coming to life to always differentiate from everything that is already on the market.

BKolor Makeup&Skincare has always proposed a cosmetic generation based on openness and ethics, being among the first in believing in clean products market, capable to fit the most demanding international certification within the “Authentic and Transparent” movement.



C4Q SRL “C4Q is an innovation hub that allows companies to develop full service products in a total clean beauty concept with a unique innovation concept.”



Cosmewax – With more than 60 years of experience in the cosmetics sector, Cosmewax is a leading company in the manufacturing and marketing of hair removal and skin care products for third parties.

Our customer orientation and ability to adapt to specific markets have allowed for the rapid expansion and consolidation of Cosmewax worldwide. As cosmetics manufacturer, we export over 95% of our production to over 50 countries on 5 continents.

We have two production facilities equipped with the most advanced infrastructure and technology to guarantee our customers the highest quality skin care and hair removal products. This enables us to manufacture and package the widest range of cosmetics to meet market demands and customer needs. We are experts in the development of skin care products and offer a comprehensive and flexible customer-oriented service: assessment, definition, design, manufacturing and delivery.



Croda – At Croda, we combine our knowledge, passion and entrepreneurial spirit to create a positive difference to the environment and to society. We have made it our purpose to use Smart science to improve lives™. We build on our renewable raw material heritage to create, make and sell sustainable solutions today, to positively influence tomorrow. Combine our actives from Sederma, botanicals from Crodarom and Alban Muller, as well as our effect and chassis ingredients to create new formulations or bring new life to your skin care formulations with unique textures and trendy concepts that answer the needs of the consumers wherever their region and whatever their beauty routine.

Curated sourcing


Curated Sourcing – On-trend sourcing made simple.  We Provide on-trend private label merchandise specialising in sourcing, production and end to end process management from concept to delivery worldwide.

DTS Europe


Dts Europe “Dts manufactures patented monomaterial airless systems made 100% with conventional polyethylene or sugar cane polyethylene. Availaible for a wide range of formulas, there is no need to disassemble for recycling.”



Elth: “Elth is leading the way as a conscious beauty marketplace, bringing transparency to the health and beauty sector. Through their innovative ingredient analysis a customer can search for products and uncover a simple score based on each product’s label composition. They are disrupting a complex industry, by streamlining and simplifying healthy beauty.”


Essentia Beauty


Essentia Beauty  “We are a company pioneer in full service for over 20 years. Our mission is set brand apart by thinking creatively and providing unique beauty concepts and innovative sustainable solutions to keep pace with evolving conscious consumer.”



EUROWIPES: “EUROWIPES Anjac Health & Beauty Group, is your French partner for impregnated fabric masks, wipes and cotton pads for cosmetic and healthcare applications. We place innovation at the heart of our solutions by combining durability, efficiency and practicality. Our products feature a high concentration of natural ingredients and are certified organic. Naturalness, biodegradability and compostability are our absolutes. We offer catalog and tailor-made solutions while ensuring top-notch compliance with international regulations. In 2021, EUROWIPES celebrated 20 years of partnership with brands. Complete your product lines with clean, effective and efficient products, all with full service and 100% Made in France.”

Website : https://www.eurowipes-anjac.com/



GRIF: “GRIF is the acronym of Group of Research for Innovative Formulations in cosmetic. Grif is a contract manufacturer of highly performing colors cosmetics with a passion for naturally based, eco-sustainable, skin-friendly, vegan and organic make-up products. Creativity, experience and innovation are the key points for customized and exclusive make-up solutions.”



IMEI “Up to good ideas – We are a young and dynamic company specialized in research, creation and development of merchandising items for all product markets. We offer the right idea that is turned into high-quality products that fully satisfy your needs. We actively investigate the market trends and, thanks to our style department, we create unique and refined private label products.”

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/imei/mycompany/?viewAsMember=true

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/imeiuptogoodideas/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/imei.uptogoodideas/

ITIT Cosmetics SRL


ITIT Cosmetics SRL “Contract manufacturer based in Italy specialized in lips, face and eye products. Our service: bulk, bulk+fill, full service. Innovation, high quality standards, experience and flexibility. ISO, GMP, ECOVADIS certified and a complete line Ecocert certified. Ideas and concepts become real, developing customized make-up product.”

Natural Cosmetics 


Natural Cosmetics “Manufacturing waterfree natural cosmetics in a sustainable way:  We as a company want to be as sustainable as possible. There is no planet B, so we need to take care of our environment and also take good care of each other. That’s why we have chosen to use Natural Ingredients in our products, that our products do not contain water, that we have a roof filled with solar panels, so our machines run on energy from the sun, our products are packed in recyclable materials as tin and paper and off course our employees. In our factory we work with people that have a distance to the labor market, we help them to join society again.”



Omnicos “Omnicos is an Italian contract manufacturer and it’s the right place to become a sustainable cosmetic brand. Being sustainable is a top priority. That’s why Omnicos never stop investing in green solutions, from our headquarter to our formulas.”

P&B Group


P&B Group: “P&B Group is a fast-growing international CDMO specializing in the design and production of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

It contributes to the performance of its customers by continuously offering them original and relevant solutions in terms of formulation, manufacturing and filling. Innovation, the driving force of its strategy, is supported by the commitment and creativity of its teams, composed of experts in scientific and technical fields.

Recognized for its reliability and quality requirements, P&B Group is committed to guaranteeing not only a high level of performance but also a responsible approach to environmental requirements and sustainable development.

P&B Group, founded in 2012, is also deeply driven by the human and collective values carried by its founder Laurent DODET. A player with decades of experience in the production of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, he is committed to the personal development of his employees and the regional dynamism of his 6 French sites”.




Pascual Cosmetics: “Pascual Cosmetics, Anjac Health & Beauty Group, is the expert in poured, stick and liquid formulas. Always attentive to the market and its trends, we work in a dynamic of continuous innovation to offer high-performance, natural and vegan make-up formulas with high sensorial properties. We invest in our equipment and, above all, in our expert teams to provide healthy and efficient solutions, now also in the world of make-up!

Creation, development, formulation, manufacturing, filling and packaging: we can adapt to your needs by offering you “à la carte” services.”

Website : https://www.pascualcosmetiques.com/fr/

Poth Hille


Poth Hille: Poth Hille are an international supplier, refiner, and blender of waxes, established nearly 150 years ago. We are justifiably proud of our heritage whilst also recognising the benefits of moving with the changing needs of an ever more socially and environmentally conscious market by actively promoting environmentally friendly, sustainable, and natural ingredients.

The core natural raw materials we supply for personal care products include Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax, Sunflower wax, Rice Bran Wax plus a host of natural blends for colour cosmetics. We also offer an extensive portfolio of natural, vegan friendly and palm free wax blends, including new natural and vegan substitutes for commonly used synthetics like Polybutene and Petrolatum Jelly.

In addition to raw material ingredients, we also manufacture a selection of finished products such as depilatory waxes and hand poured natural wax candles.

We share our vision with today’s consumer, who prioritises natural ingredients, cares about environmental responsibility, and recognises the need for global action to preserve and protect it.



Regi – “We are Regi, an Italian leading supplier in the global makeup and skincare B2B market. We believe that ethical and Clean beauty is the key to present and future innovation. Our Clean formulations are designed to achieve a superior performance using the best available ingredients. We also provide green, ready-to-go, turn-key solutions featuring sustainable and Clean packaging”.



ROVAL: “ROVAL, Anjac Health & Beauty Group, develops and manufactures personal care and skincare solutions and packaging for the leading brands in the cosmetics market. With a know-how in organic and natural formula, Roval combines industrial robustness and highest standards of quality and safety. Certified IFS HPC and COSMOS ECOCERT, Roval is also ECOVADIS GOLD medalist and CDP B- rated.”

Website : https://roval-anjac.com/

SAI DEVI – The Good Idea


Sai Devi: “Sai Devi is part of The Good Idea a Benefit Company . We design and supply promotional solutions for your business. We create relevant and attractive products for the consumer/customer target of brands and private labels, trough -out a joint development process.
All our partners are verified suppliers with certified quality standards , Sedex , Iso, Iso 14001, European certification Institute.
We are Ecovadis Certified with bronze medal.
Rebrain is our sustainability partner, a Benefit Company set up to accompany businesses on their path towards sustainability: environmental, social and economical.”



SICAF: “SICAF, Anjac Health & Beauty Group, an innovative skincare expert, supports its customers in their projects with industrial expertise and creative energy, with a made in France bespoke approach. From development to production, our proactive teams ensure, at every stage, that all quality and safety requirements are met for your products.”

Website : https://www.sicaf-cosmetiques.fr/

Thepenier Pharma & Cosmetics


Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics is a leading European full-service cosmetic and pharma contract manufacturer, and a pioneer of clean and natural beauty, offering a full range of skin, personal, suncare and makeup innovative formulations.



Urb-it’s: “Urb-it’s mission is to deliver last mile logistics services that create a positive impact on society and the environment. Our couriers deliver on our e-cargo bike fleet across the UK and Europe’s largest cities. B Corp certified”.