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2023 pre-program

Full program and schedule available by end of January 2023!

Science and Clean Beauty (regenerative production practices)
BEAUTYMATTER - Carla SEIPP - Editor + panel guests

Sourcing ingredients (Ethical/sustainable sourcing and expanding views of clean beauty internationally)
BEAUTYMATTER - Carla SEIPP - Editor + panel guests

Conscious Beauty: How Clean Beauty Shifted to Self and Planet Care
FASHION SNOOPS - Melissa HAGO - VP and Creative Director of Beauty and Wellness 

The clean beauty movement has evolved from an initial focus on natural products to a broader wave of consciously crafted, intentional solutions that benefit both our bodies and the earth. Join Melissa Hago, VP of Beauty & Wellness at global trend forecasting agency Fashion Snoops, as she explores the evolution of the clean beauty movement, and where the industry is headed. Hago will cover how modern conscious beauty merges wellness, sustainability, and self-care to focus on less, but better products, with mindful innovations that celebrate traditional craftsmanship, uphold ethical practices, nourish our bodies’ natural systems, and encourage a connection with ourselves and the planet.

COSMOS Organic is a solution to greenwashing in the beauty industry
SOIL ASSOCIATION - Page Tracey - Business Development and Marketing Officer + panel guests
Greenwashing is a dirty tactic employed by beauty brands that uses marketing to make the brand appear more eco-friendly than it really is. It is a particular problem for claims like "clean", "green", "organic" and "natural" because in the beauty industry, these are heavily unregulated. It is little wonder that 79% of consumers state they have doubts about the sustainability claims that beauty brands make. This is where COSMOS Organic certification can help. Certifying 80% of the global organic cosmetics market, it is the largest international standard for organic beauty products. Soil Association is a founding member of the standard and Soil Association Certification is the only UK based body that certifies to it. If a brand wants to certify to the standard, the whole of their production process- from the farm to the face- is inspected by us for its environmental integrity. The standard goes beyond a requirement for organic ingredients, ensuring waste is minimised and the principles of green chemistry are adhered to when formulating products. Join Soil Association Certification is this talk to learn more about how brands can certify to this standard and the steps they are taking to bring greater transparency to consumers.

Raising Investment for clean Beauty brands
The Red Tree - Fiona Glen - Head of Projects